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avenue l.jpg

Avenue L Baptist Church

2612 Avenue L
Pastor E.R. Johnson

bible way.jpg

Bible Way Baptist Church

1223 32nd Street
Pastor Otha Ross

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Brook Cherith Baptist Church

2917 Avenue M 1/2
Pastor Antonio Smith

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market street.jpg

Cathedral of Faith
Market Street Baptist Church

2917 Avenue M 1/2
Pastor Craig Holloway

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first union.jpg

First Union Baptist Church

1027 Avenue K
Pastor David Everson

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Gethsemane Missionary Baptist Church

2101 37th Street
Pastor Norman V. Johnson, Jr.

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Gospel Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Nathaniel Brown

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Greater Bethel

Pastor Paul Wingate

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mt. gilead.jpg

Greater Mt. Gilead Baptist Church

3506 Avenue N 1/2
Pastor Michael Dwyer, Sr.

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Jerusalem Baptist Church

2717 A.S. Johnson Blvd
Pastor Marc James

live oak.jpg

Live Oak Baptist Church

1020 32nd Street
Pastor Vernon Baines

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Macedonia Baptist Church

2920 Avenue M 1/2
Pastor A.W. Colbert

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mt calvary.jpg

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

5202 Avenue K
Pastor Timothy Allen, Sr.

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mt moriah.jpg

Mount Moriah Baptist Church

2728 Avenue K
Pastor Dexter Henderson

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mt olive.jpg

Mount Olive Baptist Church

3602 Sealy
Pastor Norris Burkley, Sr.

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mt pilgrim.JPG

Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church

3215 Broadway
Pastor Lorenzo Williams

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New Hope Baptist Church

Pastor Walter L. Jones


Progressive Baptist Church

902 40th Street
Pastor W.E. Stevens

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St. John Baptist Church

2917 Sealy
Pastor Louis Simpson, Jr.

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st luke.jpg

St. Luke Baptist Church

1301 Avenue L
Pastor James Pate

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Sunlight Baptist Church

3501 Broadway
Pastor A.C. Tryon

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west point.jpg

West Point Missionary Baptist Church

3003 Avenue M
Pastor Kerry W. Tillmon

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